Our Values

We have built a culture and a set of values that expresses our thoughts and guides us in all our activities, our values set us apart.

Commitment to Quality

At Trigger IT, we believe that quality is perceptual, conditional and a subjective attribute. We adhere to very stringent quality standards and have an uncompromising attitude when it comes to quality. We are always focused on delivering exceptional services to our clients.

Work Ethics

Our commitment and dedication to give 100% in everything and working with integrity is what sets us apart from our competition. The professionalism and dedication of our team allows us to remain competitive and deliver world-class services.

Building Customer Value

We provide our clients with exceptional service and always aim to exceed their expectations by:

  • Displaying persistence and adaptability in a team driven approach.

  • Demonstrating passion for speed and efficiency.

  • Paying attention to our clients and the marketplace dynamics.

  • Collaborating to exceed customer expectations.

A Flexible Delivery Model

What works best for your business? Are you working on a “one time” project and just need a few additional resources for a defined period of time? Or are you working on a long-term effort that needs key expertise that is impossible to find in the open market? Or are you looking for that key asset to complete your team? Regardless of your requirements we have the engagement model that will best fit with your unique needs and your corporate culture.

An Organization You Can Trust

When you work with Trigger IT, you’ll work with a company that focuses on operating with the utmost level of integrity. We are committed to the values of honesty, ethical conduct and respect for our clients and employees. These values drive everything we do, from the guidance we provide our employees to the way we relate with our business partners and clients.