Consumer Goods

Today’s consumer goods companies face an unprecedented set of challenges: volatile commodity prices, increasing global competition, slowing-emerging markets growth, stagnant developed-markets growth, cost-conscious and increasingly fragmented consumer segments, and demand for higher-quality products. Navigating those dangerous waters can be extraordinarily difficult for even the most talented management teams.

We apply unparalleled consumer products line operating experience, industry-leading tools, and a no-nonsense mentality that emphasizes results, not reports.
We work with clients in five distinct consumer products segments—food and beverage, health and beauty, consumer durables, household products, and apparel and accessories—helping those clients achieve meaningful, measurable improvements through profit-and-loss management. This includes:

  • Igniting top-line growth: Revenue productivity and sales growth by optimization of net sales (pricing, promotions, and deduction management), enhancement of sales force effectiveness, acceleration and enhancement of innovation pipelines, improvement in customer service/product profitability performance, and optimization of commercial and operational interactions through effective sales-and-operations-planning management.

  • Lowering costs of goods sold: Cost leadership through procurement excellence, reconfiguration of manufacturing and distribution networks to lowest total-cost options, logistics cost leadership, and optimization of asset return on investment through shop-floor productivity

  • Optimizing and reducing overhead costs: Lean overhead development through marketing spend return-on-investment management, organizational redesign, discretionary spend management, and policy/control enhancement

  • Extracting hidden cash: Working capital efficiency through rapid identification and extraction of cash across the company in inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and noncore assets that can be effectively commercialized

  • Implementing transformational program management: Comprehensive business transformation program management to quickly drive step-change financial, operational, and strategic change into the organization.